To ensure your graphics adhere properly, prepare the plastics or surfaces first. Remove old graphics or stickers from the plastics or surfaces and clean them thoroughly. You can apply heat to the old graphics or stickers to soften the adhesive and make the removal process easier. 

All surfaces, especially brand-new plastics, which come out of the factory with a wax coat, need to be wiped down and cleaned using an appropriate solvent before applying new graphics. We suggest using Denatured Alcohol and a Grease Remover.

Wipe the plastics down thoroughly with the solvent, and let them air dry before you begin the graphics installation process.


When installing new graphics, taking your time and avoiding rushing the process is essential to minimize the likelihood of mistakes or issues. There are several different methods of installing graphics that are commonly used, and all are acceptable as long as they achieve the desired outcome. If you need extra guidance, many third-party tutorial videos are available online.

We advise against using water or soap to ease the application of graphics, as this can damage the adhesive and decrease the kit's durability. Our graphics are die-cut, so you can lay each piece onto the appropriate plastic to ensure proper alignment before applying it. If you notice that any pieces do not fit correctly, please get in touch with us immediately. We are committed to providing the best customer service, will correct your order, and will offer any necessary assistance.

To apply the graphic, start by tearing off a small section of the backing paper and sticking it down while ensuring the entire decal is still aligned on the plastic as desired. Press down firmly on the exposed section, then remove more of the backing paper and repeat the process across the graphic.

Heat is essential when installing our graphics. It is crucial to have a heat gun (not a hair dryer) on hand to warm up the material, making it soft and pliable and easier to install around sharp edges or curves. However, be careful not to overheat the graphic, as it may become too soft and challenging to work with. Take it slow to find the right heat level.

Once your whole kit is installed, go over the entire kit with the heat gun, pressing down on any lifting edges. This technique will activate the glue and help it adhere firmly to its new surface. Repeat this once or twice daily for the few days following installation, as some corners or edges may lift as they cool down. This process will train the graphic to stay down after a few repetitions.