Riley Ripper Interview

Riley Ripper Interview

Riley Ripper recently visited the shop to pick up a helmet wrap and some MX graphics and to catch up with Damien Sullivan, our in-house rider and MX graphic artist. While he was here we asked him about his plans and some of his favorites.

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How are the graphics?

Amazing, amazing. They're durable, and they look good. I'm calling you guys all the time, getting designs out, and trying to please sponsors and make something cool for the fans to come look at in the pits, and y'all always knock it out of the park. 


What are your race plans for 2024?

Right now, we're leaving here to go to the Gypsy 500 in Arizona. It's an eight-hour race. My buddies Taylor Walker and, Chase Criscuoli and I are doing it. It is a team race. And then from there, we will do the Creekside 500 as well. And then after that, we're gonna try and do Nashville and Denver Supercross. Definitely going to try and do as many races as we can. Start prepping for outdoors and we'll do Baja Brawl again. Might make a go at Loretta's, we'll see.  


What's your favorite bike?

Honestly, it's my Honda XR200. I've been building that thing for a few years now, and I got to race it at Daytona this last week and got third. It's been a fun build process, and we're still chipping away at it. There's always room for progress, and I've just really been enjoying getting into the vintage scene and meeting everybody there. 


What's your favorite race?

It is probably Baja Brawl because they had the best whip contest. So I definitely got to go out there, have some fun, and throw some whips. There's always a big crowd there, so that's always fun. 


Who are you watching right now? 

Right now? Anderson. Jason Anderson, my guy. His style is just unbeatable. He makes the track flow; he makes it work. It's like watching someone make a painting; it's beautiful.


If you could ride for anybody, who would it be? 

I think it would be sick to ride for Dubai. Carson Mumford had a Dubai deal back in the day and he got to go everywhere so that was super sick to see.


If you could ride anywhere, where would that be? 

Australia. I think that would be super sick. They have some big jumps and a lot of free riding out there, so I think that'd be pretty cool. 


Anything you want to say to the audience that reads our blog?

Well, first off, if y'all ever need graphics, helmet wraps, or car wraps, be sure to hit up the Graphics Guys. These guys have taken care of me for the last few years, and honestly, I wouldn't be where I'm at without them. They've helped me really show my sponsors off and helped me get to the point where I'm at today, so if you all ever need anything, please hit them up. 


Awesome. Thank you, bud.

Of course, quick and easy.

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